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  • How benefits of conversion lenses?Use modified light road into broader and more secure.Use modified light while driving at night, allowing you to have abetter visual range, increase driving safety.Use modified lighting angle of 120 degrees to make lighting morereasonable, completely solve the problem of astigmatism.Mechanical dimmer light switch more apparent near and safe.Any further details yo...

  • How to change a headlight assembly, install Angel eye headlight assembly, install HID Xenon lamp?1, said Angel eyes with LED Angel eye Aperture Lens headlight Assembly headlight assemblies are special.2, Angel eye headlight Assembly with LED light with lens, but plenty of single lenses (mostly light), or with Bifocal lenses;3, Angel eye headlight Assembly of a single lens, and is generally based...

  • What is Angel eyes?Angel eyes is a aperture, there is no practical function, mainly decorative appearance and show a wide role, colors ranging from red, blue, green, yellow and purple. Angel eye into 2 species: (1) cathode tube of, material: glass, needs started device, brightness very high,(2) LED of material, guide light plastic, similar BMW Angel eye; General refit are with of is LED structure...

  • What is Angel eye headlight Assembly?Angel eyes headlight Assembly, in fact, LED Angel eye light headlight Assembly, some with lenses without lenses, some with a single lens (mostly light lenses), some with double optical lens. more questions, welcome to visit our company website as below:Web:

  • It's simple. Go to Feature Search. Enter the throw distance and/or image size that you desire in the Projection Setup section. The results will give you every projector that can deliver your desired image size and/or throw distance and will include both standard and optional lens solutions. The results will show whether the lens is included in the cost.



  • My vehicle has 4 angel eye rings, how many sets would I need to purchase to replace those rings? You will only need one set (1 quantity) of Angel Eyes to replace all the rings. Due to the design of the angel eyes of the BMW vehicles, one bulb is used to light up two rings per headlight.Guangzhou Liwin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

  • What are “Angel Eyes”? Angel Eyes are also known as “Halo Rings”, these are a signature trademark of BMW vehicles on the headlights. These rings are usually the parking light function of most of the older BMW vehicles and are the daytime running lights for the newest BMW’s.ccfl angel eyesGuangzhou Liwin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.